Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's been quiet lately

A lot of traveling. thoughts to share.

I'm in New York now. When I opened my room door today, I saw the USA Today on the doorstep. Why would you read the USA Today in New York? Isn't there a quality, local paper available? It's a mystery to me that USA has record circulations and insightful papers are losing readerships left and right? Don't you get all the news in the USA Today hours before on the Web? I don't think there's a lot of analysis happening in the colorful fish wrap. Or is it our snack mentality that makes USA Today so attractive to people?


Fabian said...

Bad side effect to this is that hotels often charge you for that service in the fine print. I know because I complained at a front desk of a high end chain once about having to leave a bad taste in my mouth to an otherwise memorable stay by serving me USA Today instead of, or even before, fresh espresso. Nice gesture of kindness. Great way to do your brand harm.

lotto said...
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