Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wave of Suicides

We're starting to see a wave of suicides from executives involved in the financial crisis: Adolf Merckle, Kirk Stephenson and Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet. Japan is bracing itself for a massive wave of suicides. 

The father of former girlfriend told me years ago that he went bankrupt in the 50's and when he went to church after the filing, many churchgoers asked him quietly why he didn't commit suicide since he brought shame to his family. This was in the 50's in Germany and I thought we were over this kind of thinking. I guess, I overestimated our culture.

Your job, your income, your bank account should not be tied to your self-worth. What you make doesn't make you a good or a bad person. Yes, it is embarrassing, frustrating and depressing to lose your job, to lose all your savings, to have to start all over. Maybe even stop at the jail for a while. But how far have we gone with our love for money and status that when both disappear, we want to disappear as well? 


ally said...

but some people just cant live with out money if your one of the richest men around

Anonymous said...

Uwe so you are telling me that you would work for free or take a significant pay cut? I imagine that your ascent and to SVP @ direct partners provided a nice income boost.

Unless we go back to bartering for sticks and stones your comments is unrealistic.

Uwe Hook said...

'Anonymous', I don't know what you were reading. It wasn't the blog post you were referring to. My point was that no monetary/status challenges should drive people into suicide. Life is more precious than that.

Anonymous said...

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