Friday, August 17, 2007

Marriage and marketing

What is a good marriage? Is it a memorable engagement, beautiful ring, stunning wedding, amazing honeymoon, a nice kitchen, a flatscreen TV?

Of course not.

All of the above help to make for nice memories and comfortable living. But they have nothing to do with a good marriage.

Many brands still believe that a good relationship between people and themselves is determined by a few major things. Let's just look at the dealership experience: An inviting lobby, modern lighting, fresh Starbucks coffee, flatscreen TV, leather chairs. Shouldn't the customers feel happy and be content? Why are they still unhappy? Why do they divorce after a few bad experiences and are looking for a new partner?

Because a good relationship is not about the big things. It's about the little things: a smile, a touch, a tease, a selfless act.

As a brand, you have to create an environment that allows people to behave in a certain way. in a way that fits with your brand. Or how you want people to experience your brand. It's not about the bling, it's about the setup.

When you prepare a romantic candlelight dinner, you better not think about yourself. You think how your partner feels at this moment. And how you can affect this emotion.

And that's where many brand go wrong: When people engage with your brand worry less about how they feel about you. Worry how they feel about themselves. And try to make a positive change. Everything else will fall into place.

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