Friday, August 24, 2007

The window of opportunity is closing fast

I love widgets.
They give marketers a unique opportunity to provide people with valuable tools and associating this life improvement with their brand.
Here at Genex, we built and marketed a few of them and were always happy with the overall results. But we are rapidly approaching a saturation point: Currently, Yahoo! offers 3,666 widgets, Facebook more than 4,500 and Google 13,627.

In short: Way too many widgets.

Nothing against widgets, but my laptop screen is not a 100 inch flatscreen and only allows for a few widgets. It's fairly obvious that widgets are losing their attractiveness and value for marketers.

What to do?

I dont' mean to discourage marketers to build widgets. There's always space for a real valuable tool. A tool that improves the life experience of people. A tool that makes their life easier. Saves them a few seconds a day.
But I would discourage anyone to build a widget in order to have a widget. Users will not download it, use or engage with it.

Marketers should not waste their time and resources on widgets unless there's a need in the marketplace for this widget.

Next step in the widget evolution: A Super Widget,integrating various widgets into one power-house: Traffic Information for the commute, news and weather widget for the work day, local entertainment widget for the evening planning, etc.
One will build it. And they will all come.

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