Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The new world of social networking

This is how the world of social networking looks like: Facebook is a very strong international contender, but hi5.com is the most global network. Friendster, as reported before in the LA Times, is the leader in Southeast Asia.

Since we are still trying to find ways to integrate marketing into these new sites, it will be fascinating how marketers will connect with global cultures on these networks. Becoming part of the community might work in country A, could be detrimental to the marketers in country B.
For example, shall there be a global Facebook approach to marketing or shall it be adjusted from country to country?

My recommendation: everything is local. In order for bigger networks not to become irrelevant by the onslaught of niche networks, the big boys need to stay close to the ground and understand what each cohort/culture/group desires. Each affinity group could wants to be marketed to in different ways.

There are no golden rules. Just don't use the sledgehammer approach.

Via Valleywag and psfk.

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