Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Together as one

When I discovered electronic music years ago, it wasn't really the music at first that excited me. It was more of that sweaty, human masses, unique, thank-God-I'm here experience. Sasha & Digweed at the Mayan in LA come to mind, Coachella at sunset with Bjork, Carl Cox at Giant, Roger Sanchez on a rooftop in Miami. We all crave these events. It might be an NFL game, NASCAR racing, Burning Man, Pamplona bull running - whatever strikes your fancy.

These events have become more valuable since many of our other experiences can be time-shifted, paused and re-started whenever you have time for it. Events are different: You can consume 24 hours of media in 8 hours but you have only so many weekends available where you indulge in 8 hours of music/sports/arts communality.
No wonder brands are craving to attach themselves to events.

Digital Marketing will only advance to the next stage if we find innovative ways to develop spectacles that create this community feeling. Facebook and Second Life have their limitations and they can't replicate this sweaty, mass feeling when you're one with the crowd. But social media is the key in developing, creating and spreading the word about these events. You can only create amazing events if you know what connects with people. And only events that create this 'Together as one' moment will ensure that the audience will spread the word for you.

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