Friday, January 11, 2008

A few thoughts

Yes, I wish I would read more. I do read the daily newspaper but books have become kryptonite for me. Really hard to find time while balancing work, family and plain life. Ok, I will read a book this weekend. I promise.

These are the moments brands need to live for. Moments that people want to recreate. Memorable moments, human moments. Data-driven marketing might help the bottom line with great ROI, experiential combined with conversational marketing creates real moments.

That's the magic of advertising: Creating fascination and astonishment, surprising people. Good creative, good ideas are unexplainable (while very simple) and people won't even try explaining them.

Recession, downturn, sub-prime crisis, wars, terrorism, inflation, global warming, etc. Too many problems to tackle, overhwelming, disturbing. But when you go to bed, wrap yourself with that thought.

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