Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social networks

I read 100 blogs weekly. Some daily, some weekly.
I follow more than 100 people on twitter.
Have bunches of 'friends' on Facebook.

Keeps me busy, alright. But there are days that leave me uninspired. Days where you click from blog to blog and you feel like nothing has been produced. Same old, tired ideas. (Defining 'old' as the prime age of 1 week.)

Then I discovered this article from the NY Times:

"'People who live in the intersection of social worlds,'' Mr. Burt writes, ''are at higher risk of having good ideas.'"

People with cohesive social networks, whether offices, cliques or industries, tend to think and act the same, he explains. In the long run, this homogeneity deadens creativity. As Mr. Burt's research has repeatedly shown, people who reach outside their social network not only are often the first to learn about new and useful information, but they are also able to see how different kinds of groups solve similar problems."
I'm refining my approach. I started with Twitter, finding interesting people outside of the social media circle. Blogs to follow. Facebook? I can wait.
I'll keep you posted.

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