Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If I can teach my daughter one thing

My daughter played a few days ago with a New Year's tiara: She put it on herself, on me, on her dolls and, finally, on our dog. Kid have this amazing ability to try new things. A drum can become a house for a doll, a doll house a drum. While I stay within the lines of her coloring books, she couldn't care less about the lines and colors the way she wants to.

As parents we need to find the right balance between being a parent/educator and letting creativity take its course. It's a constant battle but creativity should always win.

Creativity doesn't know limits. Creativity demands experimentation. Creativity demands courage.

Courage to let go of limitations society put on you. Courage to challenge yourself and the rest of the world. Courage to change the world.

I expect nothing less from her.

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Anne said...

Absolutely, but I find it so hard not to say to my seven year old, "Oh, wouldn't you be better to do it this way" - stay in the lines when colouring, start at the beginning of the maze not the end, eat cereal not tomato soup for breakfast, whatever. Then I get all sad because they'll learn soon enough about the rules and I know then I'll wish I'd been less worried about doing things my way.