Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MTV - listen up

There's a market for music videos/films. Just ask Radiohead who premiered 'Scotch Mist' NYE on Current TV, while most of us were standing in line for drinks.
The band performs all songs from it's latest album, 'In Rainbows', with some added poetry readings and interesting visuals. It's nice to know that such basic but brilliant work finds a dedicated audience.
Out of the label prison, Radiohead explores new ways to connect with their fans. Exactly what we all need.

MTV, how about it? The last time something memorable was shown on your station was late 1993: Nirvana's unplugged concert. Yep, that was more than 14 years ago. Since then you have wasted all our lives with lame award shows and even lamer reality shows. How about it MTV? How about giving the fans what they want? Just ask Radiohead. It works for them. And all of us.

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