Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This makes me happy

Michael Globisch is a friend of mine. Sure, I might not have seen him in more than 15 years but he will always be my friend. He is a talented artist, has a very deep soul and a big heart. While I moved from city to city, trying to find my place in the world, he had go through a lot of suffering and pain.

Many people think artists need to suffer to create good art. I don't agree. Some artists don't suffer and create great art. Others suffer and, despite that pain, create great art.

Artists have power: Their work offers humanity, help the human spirit grow and celebrates its power. Great art comes from a combination of observation, consideration, deliberation and a passion for understanding outside of society's norms.

I'm so happy that Michael was able to get back into the game and create art that inspires and transcends.

That's what he was meant to do when he was born into this world. He went through so many battles and still persevered, as you can see above.

Michael, you should be proud of yourself.
I am.

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