Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tsnuami Tuesday

Coming from Germany, elections took place on Sunday's. You either voted right after church or after your lunch nap. People dressed up to vote. It was an important ritual, almost followed by 90% of the population. Voting made our family feel good. We were part of democracy.

Living in California, voting has become a routine: Ballot initiatives, Propositions, recalls - you name it. Generally, I vote right before I go to work or I rush home to get it done before 8. Voting is a commodity in California. Most of the candidates get 80% approval, ballot initiatives are not that controversial.

Today feels different. Today feels like an important day. Today will decide (or at least set a direction) who will be leading either parties into the general election. So, today I will rush back home arround 4, get my wife and daughter and we will vote together. For once, it feels good to vote for a candidate and not against one.

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