Thursday, June 7, 2007

Childish vs. Childlike

I just scanned Rob Eastaway's book, "Out of the Box: 101 Ideas for Thinking Creatively"

His main observation is that adults are too concerned about what others expect of them to think and say, rather than communicating what they really think.
Young kids have a different level of honesty and they just focus on things that excite them.

He explains that there are three stages of life:
From 0 to 4 years old is the "Why not?" stage.
From 5 to 11 years old is the "Why?" stage.
From 12 onward is the "Because" stage.

Once we hit the old-age of 12, we tend to conform to the needs of society/adulthood and forget to ask the most important questions, "Why?" and "Why Not?"

It seems, Web 2.0 allows people to ask these questions again and allow them to find their individual answers. There's a big difference between being childish and childlike.
The dot-com bubble was childish.
Web 2.0 is childlike: wondrous, mysterious, surprise around ever corner.

This because stage is where we start to conform to adulthood and lose the "curiosity and wonder about the world that leads us to ask those crucial questions, "Why?" and "Why Not?"

To be more creative, you need to recapture some of the behavior of your childhood.

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