Monday, June 11, 2007


Everybody is talking about yesterday's final episode. Even Seth Godin. In his latest post, he expands the Sopranos discussion to the field of WOM, and that we have to make sure to undersell and overdeliver.

This is always a wise tactic but a tough one to commit to. When you're in the heat of a presentation/pitch, you feel the deal coming to a close, it's so hard not to overpromise just to get that little edge, the little advantage that will seal the deal.
Overselling can be addictive. We have to stay off that drug.

P.S.: At first, I thought the ending of the Sopranos was terrible. After sleeping over it, I think it was brilliant.

Whether Tony dies or not is not really important. We all die - to me, the point of that ending was that it could go either way for him, at any moment. That's his life. And the build up to that point - and then going blank, leaves us with the idea that this is is his life (or the end of it). Taste it - and be glad that you don't actually live it.

That's the point - it could, at any moment in his life, go either way. Pure brilliance.

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