Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are we social networked out?

I used to be on Friendster, have a tiny presence on MySpace, just started exploring Facebook. Then there's Linkedin, Twitter, a private messageboard, Adgabber, etc.
Once in a while I ask myself when enough is enough. How much time can I invest exploring social networks and getting value back in return? How much time in the day can I spend nurturing my friends on this various sites? When do invitations for connections on Linkedin become irrelevant?
It's a slippery slope: Once you ignore requests, just press the 'Accept' button without thinking twice about it, it gets even easier to just ignore the site because you gave up on the whole site concept.

Some might call this a problem. I consider it a maturing process.
In the beginning, Friendster was about the number of connections. People were excited to have more than xx friends and wore that badge of honor with pride. But, they quickly realized that quantity is fun but irrelevant.

The future of social networks is bright. MySpace and Facebook will lose the cutting-edge quality they once had but they will keep attracting masses. Niche social networks focused on building valuable and quality relationships is where the real action is. the opportunities are endless.

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