Thursday, July 19, 2007

Playstation leaving TBWA/Chiat?

News hit a few days ago that Playstation and TBWA/Chiat might head for Splitsville.

Two thoughts:

1) Playstation is in a tough position. The PS3 is a glorified Blu-Ray player, albeit cheaper than a stand-alone player, and even the price cuts will not change that. Xbox has taken the lead in the gaming community niche and Wii just has been fabulous in connecting with the casual gamer. Even though PS3 was the latest player to be released, their social networking options are pretty limited. Is there a chance Playstation doesn't get it?
2) TBWA/Chiat is known for disruptive advertising. Is there a chance this doesn't work either anymore?

My guess is we have to focus more on Playstation. Or rather Sony. There was the scandal about fake blogs. Or the scandal about CD copy protection.

Sony doesn't get it. Yet. What we see out there in the markets, changes in how people connect with brands, how people are taking control from brands is not a fad. It's not going to pass by.

Sneakiness doesn't buy anything. Except a bad rap and a decline in brand favorability.
Stealth Marketing is the weapon of choice for companies who try to claim they get it but continue to market the old-fashioned way. Sure, it will work once in a while but it's not the real solution. A band-aid. A drink for the road.

Sony has to understand that people will find out. How they market to them. How the PS3 has been a failure so far. And how Sony is struggling to stay a premier brand.

Sony doesn't get it. Yet. They better hurry.

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