Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CTR of <1%. Don't monkeys score higher?

Great piece in AdAge from Mike Hartley of about the lack of good content and media integration on most online sites.

"To learn what works, brands must invest more in knowing the environments their target groups enjoy. They must understand the content in these environments, not just statistics about their use. Brands must invest more in production and evaluating what happened. It's relatively cheap to do so; mistakes are more easily forgiven because everyone sees the internet as an experiment, and the dividends are likely to be significant.

Considered steady strategic development in a medium that has already changed the nature of our relations and will continue to do so still seems rare. It's not "You are in danger if you don't" (although it may be) as much as "Why on earth are you missing such fine opportunities?" The Prius and a commitment to greener technology is a good example to consider. Toyota didn't become the world's largest car manufacturer by owning the lowest common denominator; it invested in an innovative and nonprofitable market that was obvious would become profitable."

In this changed media world, relevant marketing is the only way to go. Limited production budgets for digital marketing often don't allow to be relevant on all sites. The old mantra of "This campaign should work on each and every channel" doesn't apply anymore. It has to be changed to: "How can we communicate a relevant message delivering a specific positioning suited for this specific channel?"
It's much more work than we're used to. But it's so much more exciting.

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