Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(Still) Made Here

Trendwatching discusses a new trend called
"(Still) Made Here".

The overall definition, according to

“(STILL) MADE HERE encompasses new and enduring manufacturers and purveyors of the local. In a world that is seemingly ruled by globalization, mass production and ‘cheapest of the cheapest’, a growing number of consumers are seeking out the local, and thereby the authentic, the storied, the eco-friendly and the obscure.”

The Dole example really intrigued me because it shows that transparency is becoming more and more important to brands and some companies seem to confront this new trend in very meaningful ways:

Dole Organic lets consumers “travel to the origin of each organic product”. By typing in a fruit sticker's three-digit Farm Code on Dole Organic's website, customers can read background info, view photos of the farm and workers and learn more about the origin of Dole products.

I see this trend really taking off in the food sector: Since organic produce has become so expensive and regulations seem to be relaxing a bit too much, more and more consumers are heading out to farmer markets to talk directly with the farmers. There's instant quality control and consumer feedback. Something that's missing at Whole Foods.

The trends of globalization and localization will remain very vibrant and important in everyone's life. While globalization delights our everyday life with new gadgets, cheap products and new opportunities, localization soothes our soul and let's us be small-town people for a few moments. It's the in-between where we feel comfortable.

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