Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting personal

I was tagged by Giddle Bits and Cheap Thrills to tell 8 random things about myself.
Ok, here we go:

1. I changed my last name to my wife's name. Uwe is tough enough to pronounce, Hook is easier for Americans.
2. I was robbed once in Puerto Rico at knifepoint.
3. I didn't have a drivers license until I was 24.
4. I'm 100% left-handed but write with my right hand. My mother 'convinced' me when I was young.
5. I ran 5 marathons and my best time is 3:20.
6. I went to the Kwik E Mart 4 times. And July is not over yet.
7. I was on Germany's Jeopardy. I sucked the first round (around $400) and took off in the second round (around $10,000) but was still last. The winner was a mother of 5 adopted children and I was happy she won $10,500.
8. A few years ago, I took a red eye to Atlanta, drove all night to Vero Beach where the Dodgers were in the midst of Spring Training. I got a hot dog, a beer, sat down on my seat, ate, drank, just to fall asleep in the second inning. Woke up next to Tommy Lasorda who was handling a line of people asking for his autograph. He looked at me and said: "Rough night, ha?


Anonymous said...
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RyanB said...

So cool that you changed your name :) What was your last name before you got married?