Thursday, October 4, 2007

The human condition

At heart, humans are communicative. And lonely. We try to escape our loneliness by communicating. With friends. Strangers. Our own mind.

Traveling by yourself on a redeye is a very lonely experience. It almost feels like going to prison: You're being searched by strangers, your food options are limited to pizza (see above) and the rest of the time you dream about escaping this lunacy.

10 years ago we had a phone to connect with people while traveling. We wrote postcards. Now, we have Twitter, IM, Email, SMS, Video Messages, etc. to stay connected.

When I flew last night, I started a little photo diary of my travel experience. Just a few shots with a word/line. The iPhone makes it so easy to take a quick shot and email it out.
It made me feel less alienated and better connected to my home. As an individual you have to find the best ways to connect with your friends and family. I'm not a phone person, rather have a real 1-on-1 conversation. Or a quick email. Call me weird.

Brands have to understand better how people want to connect with them. There are multitudes of channels to start a conversation. Some work for you, some work for me. A good mix of planned connections will ensure that conversations will begin.

Remember: Humans are communicative. And lonely.

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