Thursday, October 25, 2007

Voyeurism 2.0

Ask your partner or best friend to empty out their pockets and your friendship might cool off very quickly. Or just end.
Ask a stranger to empty their pockets and you just created a Flickr Group: 1,540 members so far. How about getting more personal: 'What's in your wallet' might help you. 162 members as of now.

I haven't joined. Yet. But I joined other networks that support the overall trend of voyeurism 2.0:

1. Find out about my professional experience.
2. Find out more about myself on Facebook
3. Read my daily thoughts and observations on Twitter
4. Look at my real estate on Zillow (Well, maybe not)

What drives Voyeurism 2.0? Is it our way of understanding and advancing the massive community that is the Internet and all the information that is accessible. Do we need to be feel grounded more connected because we sometimes feel like the online relationships are not real enough. Not deep enough for our brain that was wired millions of years ago?
The dream of a global village was never real. We're advancing to a global metropolis. And we want to be important, feel part of that metropolis. 'Here's my life.' 'Here's my house, my friends, my connections, my taste in music, movies and books.'

It might be our way to connect to a largely uncaring world and say: 'Here I am. Notice me. Connect with me. Become part of my world.' Isn't that what voyeurism is about?

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