Friday, October 12, 2007

It's not the technology, stupid

Great presentation by Henry Jenkins. Especially fascinating since he's the only self-described egghead at the forum.

His main proposition: This is not a technology revolution, it's a cultural revolution.

The majority haven't understood this. They are still hoping for another dot-com bust and that everything will be back to normal again at one point. They understand that it's going to be harder and harder to break through the clutter but they still don't believe that the participatory culture is here to stay.

Web 2.0 might be a real misnomer since we put the focus on digital marketing. This lets 'traditional marketing' off the hook and let them continue what doesn't work anymore and push the new cultural movement to the fringes.

I had to leave early to catch my plane and ordered his book 'Convergence Culture' in the cab. Can't wait for more insights from Henry Jenkins.

My favorite line: “Any network that can be used to share cat pictures can be used to bring down a government.”

More quotes below:

- Web 2.0 is fandom without the stigma.
- What is 2.0? You make all the content, they keep all the revenue
- Cellphone is the new Swiss Army Knife
- Convergence is not about technology, it's about culture.
- The culture is shaped top-down by brands and bottom up by teenagers in their bedroom. And that's what he calls convergence culture.
- And the sweet spot where both cultures meet is participatory culture:

1. Low barriers for engagement
2. Strong support for sharing creations with others
3. Informal membership
4. Members believe their contributions matter
5. Care about others' opinions of self and work

- New consumers are migratory, showing a declining loyalty to networks or media.
- Social Media is appreciative: People appreciate brands/products and spread the word. In addition, and maybe more important, the additional media you earn with social media appreciates the value of your product/brand.

- It's no longer about impressions, it's about expressions.
- If the work of old consumers was once silent and invisible, the New Consumers are now noisy and public.
- If old consumers were seen as compliant, the new Consumers are resistant , taking media in their own hands.

Off to LA.


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