Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to network

Fredd Kambo, financier with Shell Oil:

“I don’t bother “networking” anymore, instead, I try to build relationships with people I find interesting, and who I think are doing interesting things. And I make it my mission to help them in any way I can to achieve their mission. I find this much more satisfying, much more honorable, and much more fun. And this is the cool thing about people….When you help them out in this way, they help you out. Not because it’s a tit for tat deal, but because both parties are engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship that extends beyond the next favor.”

Just another extension of our changing world: Instead of 'Return on investment' we are looking for 'Return on Involvement'. We don't care about 'What you need', we fight for 'What I want'.

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