Friday, March 16, 2007


Surprise is the essence of life. And marketing.

Typically, when we market we know our objectives, know our target audience, know our success measures.

When we receive a call from a marketing organization, we anticipate the sales pitch, ignore every word and hang up as fast as we can. When we read a new book of our favorite author, we tend to except a certain arc, certain plot lines, certain dialogue.

If you always do the expected, you will never create real brand memories. Instead of 'I know that' you want to create 'I had no idea'. Add layers to the brand instead of reinforcing the same old over and over again.

Good actors understand this concept. They don't stick to blockbuster movies alone, enforcing stereotypes and typecasting them. No, they break out of that routine and act in small time movies, exploring new characters, adding layers to their acting skills.

Digital Marketing is still in its infancy stages and too many already stick to a certain formula: SEM, Display ads, repurposed videos. Most of us are too busy planning and buying the way everybody does. For a change, why don't we surprise ourselves and try a new approach?

(BTW: You have to look for a while until you realize the footprints are actually recessed, but once you relax your concentration and look away very slightly you can view them convex or concave at will.)

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