Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wikinomics - the revolution continues

Craig Newmark on the secret of craigslist:
"The more you think about business as being a community service, the more successful you become. What I've told newspapers -- when they've asked -- is that newspapers used to be in the community service business. Now they've been positioned as cash cows."

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D. said...


this quote sounds funny to me -- it seems to apply to craigslist just as much as it may apply to the newspapers... especially the "now they've been positioned as cash cows."


P.S. craigslist started as a non-profit serving the community that helped build it,spread it and develop it; then they turned for profit ostensibly "to pay the bills" and have become what appears to be a ... hefty cash cow! that gets fatter by the day...(craigslits estimated net profits have been in the tens of millions for years and constantly growing -- would they have stayed non-profit, this is the money that would have been used to *serve the community*, to hire an adequate number of customer service people and do badly needed improvements among other things). D.