Thursday, March 22, 2007

Molotov Alva

You have seen many videos about Second Life, but now there's a film that was shot inside the virtual world. In the film 'My Second Life' the main character is the hero and we follow his journey. According to the site, a man named Molotov Alva disappeared from his Californian home in January 2007.
"Recently, a series of video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared within a popular online world called Second Life.
In these dispatches Molotov Alva encounters everything from Furries to Cyberpunks to Neo-Luddites to Sex Slaves to the King of the Hobos. Orhalla Zander, who becomes Molotovs guide as he searches for the creator of the brave new world."

Second Life is maturing. Reminds me of the last 10 years of the Internet: It starts out as a people network, the almighty dollar almost ruins the whole idea until the creative community takes over and advances it to a whole new level.

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