Saturday, March 10, 2007


iLike is an innovative music community based software service, and, I believe, it will find many fans and copycats.

The UI is very clean, design modern and fresh, and the service is very simple in concept - you can organize and share your music, you may interact with people who share similar music tastes and recommend new music for your fellow networkers. Even though there are numerous music communities out there, iLike combines so many of the best ideas and presents in such a fresh packaging that it is way ahead of the rest.

Additional features: A gadget that analyzes what you play in iTunes or Windows Media Player. Ongoing analysis of your music listening habits in the most logical way, by making a note of every time you listen to music on your computer or iPod. Continuing to build up and ever more perfect picture of your listening habits. like features with recommendations, 30 second previews (Tryvertising, anyone?)but with the advantage that you don't have to remember to go back to a site, rather the deep integration with iTunes allows for constant reminder of iLike.

Last but not least, iLike allows you as well to peruse opther peoples libraries. Less alogrithms (Pandora), more social networking. You can also build up lists of friends and see what they are listening to, what is most popular and recommend tracks to them. This gives you an insider view of the future of music consumption analysis: Artists can explore who is listening to their music and which songs are popular.

An amazing aspect of iLike is that it not only recommends establish artists, but is a forum discovering new music talent. Capitalizing on the content of its sister site Garage Band, it acts as a filter on the many thousands of unsigned artists that have submitted their music to Garage Band. You can also recommended new unsigned bands who’s music is easily downloaded for free with one click straight to your iTunes library.

The little effort needed to experience this service is complemented with the delivery of good value. All the other services, such as maintaining a blog, building pages, making friends are just the admission fee to the world of social networking.

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