Sunday, February 18, 2007

The end

I've flown Jet Blue a few times, always liked the experience but never understood why friends of mine raved about Jet Blue or that some of my friends almost believed in a Jet Blue cult.
Not anymore.

Fascinating to see how a cult-like brand becomes another brand we purchase but really don't care for anymore. Not only did they leave passengers sitting inside their airplanes for up to 11 hours, their service response was horrendous. And that's being nice to Jet BLue. (Offering these poor people free roundtrip-tickets????) Not enough trained staff and ferocious expanding pace in the last few years caused this problem. Not responding appropriately to this PR disaster, caused their Jet Blue's final demise.

Will I fly Jet Blue again? Probably.
Will I try to avoid Jet Blue at any cost? Absolutely.

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