Friday, February 16, 2007

More Nine Inch Nails Buzz
On first glance, this is nothing more than simple, smiley propaganda. Another version of the truth is revealed (quite literally!) if you click and drag. Once new text is revealed, clicking a link takes you to a message board in which citizens of this particular setting are discussing many things about society, most of it being quite negative, scary, or depressing. Three audio files have been revealed so far:
- This appears to be a resistance site, linked to at the message board. This is pretty much open to interpretation as nobody seems to have any hard evidence as to what this is, who is saying it, or anything else; however, it details several stories that fit within this arc. It's much too complex to be summarized here, but the stories themselves can be found on the website.
-Soldiers of God under the US flag. Not much is known about this site as of yet. The angry sniper claims to be a sniper who served the 105th Crusaders.
The Church of Plano. Not much is known about this site of yet, either. It might be that the Church of Plano is a New Evangelical Church; one congregation of the New Evangelical Church donated land for the first base of the 105th and another took care of Fort Paul during a deployment.
-This is the site for what must be the main mail service of society (perhaps). It features a description of Opal stolen from a police officer and his reference handbook, as well as numerous crude drawings, including one of the Presence. It is definitely worthy to note that the page reads "ANGRY SNIPER sent you this message on Thursday, Feb 10, 0000." The title "angry sniper" is most likely a reference to the sound clip that features an angry guy shooting people with a sniper rifle. Interestingly, if you try to click any link on this page, it gives you a warning:

You are not the citizen assigned to this account. Close this window immediately and stay where you are. Authorities will be in contact shortly for appropriate reeducation.

Keep'em coming. Reminds me of the Beta-7 or Halo 2 campaign. It will be fascinating to see if users will take to it and build their own sites and UGC.

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