Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let's ask the focus group

Too many companies rely on focus groups for deep consumer insight.
Unfortunately, they were not invented to gather insight.

Focus groups help you to focus. A focus group shouldn't tell you what design you should develop, what ideas work with the consumer, how to connnect with your customer.

You will wholeheartedly agree with me once you attended or watched a focus group. There are at least two leaders fighting for their time in the sun, two or three silent types and 5-7 drones that just want to get out of there out of fear to miss American Idol.
Are you sure your cusomer or prospective customer would like to sit in a room with strangers, drinking stale coffee and counting the minutes until the 2 hours are up? Do you want those people to be your propective clients?

So, are focus groups worthless? Absolutely not.
Focus groups give you an unscientific look into the reactions towards your creative work. You might be able to understand what grabs attention and push the envelope even further. Don't get fooled into thinking this has anything to do with science. Or research.

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