Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You might learn something

Growing up in Small Town Germany, surrounded by mostly small minded fellow Germans, I always dreamt of exploring the world. People in small towns who never get outside of them are more likely to suffer from group think. If you don't see other cultures, you're bound to be ethnocentric in your notion of place.

We tend to look down on small town people because they don't venture out of their world, don't experience the world.
Unfortunately, there's more and more proof that we become insular as human beings, no matter if we live in McCall, ID, or Los Angeles.

We need to explore more, visit blogs that are not about our subject, read magazines alien to us, visit places that we wouldn't dream of, listen to music we pass on the dial.
The way it's going, we might become a society of million atolls drifting along.
Instead, we should look at the world, market with fresh eyes and ears to be open for new ideas. Every day of our lives.

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Cliff said...

I agree.

Every morning, I read blogs that are like mine. Then I read blogs that are completely "unlike" mine. The "unlike" group, while spouting ideas completely different from my own, forces me to realize that we all don't think the same.