Monday, February 26, 2007

Why I hate the king

Yes, he's creepy. But that's not why I hate him. The king stands for everything what's wrong with marketing today. Instead of telling a story about the brand/product, advertising agencies make up stories.

Telling a story is about treating the consumer with respect. Being interesting and interested in the customer. Telling a story is about delivering on the brand promise and doing this in a clever, charming and authentic way.

Making up a story is about disrespecting the consumer with Jackass-like gimmicks: You feel so excited in the beginning and sick after you digested the marketing garbage. Just like the large popcorn and red vines in the movie theater.

As Burger King, I want the public to talk about my fries, burgers, salads, whatever. A good agency should have the same objectives. I guess that's not hip anymore, not engaging enough, so 20th century.

I bet this print ad would be more successful than the creepy king. Especially today.

If you have no story to tell because your product doesn't deserve the story, don't make up a story. If you had the choice would you:
A) Invest in a better product?
B) Invest in a better advertising strategy?

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