Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nine Inch Nails goes viral

On the back of the new NIN tour shirt, some letters are highlighted. These highlighted letters all come together to form the clause "I AM TRYING TO BELIEVE."

The website and many others popping up with the same theme depict a very tortured, dystopic world.

Some things to bring you up to speed:
- The year is year zero. Most dates end with 0000 or something similar. When referring to the past, the years are in negatives. Example: Thirteen years prior to 0000 is listed as "-13 BA," or "Before Administration" (we think).
- Parepin, found on the first discovered site, is a drug used in the water system and drinking supply of the general public. Its first use was said to combat all disease, though there has been no proof of it. The Administration added it to the drinking supply to both combat disease and reduce the risk of any kind of biological attack on the people; however, many citizens are reluctant to believe this. Discontinued use of the drug reveals clarity of thought, which the government claims is paranoia. Things are not as they seem.
- Opal is a new drug distributed commonly in liquid form. This is supposedly "the new crack," as it is cheaper to distribute and more widely available. According to many underground news sources, this drug's main distribution source is America itself. Opal is said to be a religious experience for many people.

The prince of darkness reaches the heart and mind of his audience, creating an intimate, emotional connection. Kevin Roberts must be proud of Trent Reznor. Let's see where the story takes us.

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