Monday, February 12, 2007

The era of engagement

We all know how critical innovation is and how companies must become more innovative if they are to survive. We also know that the talented people in an organization are capable of solving the most complex of business issues and are a wellspring of great ideas. As the great Tom Peter said, "All the answers to our problems are inside the front line staff, if we would only bother to ask them!"

Here comes a recent Gallup research, studying the impact of employee engagement on the creation of innovative ideas. Here are the expected results:

When Gallup asked people to agree or not with this statement: " My current job brings out my most creative ideas," the responses based on levels of engagement are as follows:

Engaged Employees = 59% agree

Not Engaged Employees = 17% agree

Actively Disengaged Employees = 3% agree

No magic potion necessary.

Just follow these two golden rules:

A: Respect everyone as a person. A lot of us don't do this. If a person is not respected NO other thing will work.

B: We all need to have a clear objective and HOW we can help the company to achieve it. People need to feel they are USEFUL.

The more engaged employees are, the more they are able to generate creative ideas. How do we foster high levels of engagement? What keeps you engaged and what makes you disengaged?

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