Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crisis Management - Google Style

I must be ignorant but it took me until now to discover that Google has various blogs and, while exploring, I found Jen Bradburn's blog entry at The Google Consumer Packaged Goods Blog.
He offers advice to companies to consider when they are facing a crisis.
It's funny how we tend to forget about search in business-threatening situations.

Crisis and breaking news tend to increase searches dramatically and brands needs to react quickly in order to push consumers to the right information channels, aka Google Adwords. Or Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.

Here are Googles recommendations:

- Offical information needs to be available immediately. Route the press release and company statements accordingly.
- Use the right keywords to ensure you get heard.
- Leverage sight, sound and motion for impact - if you have video of the CEO talking about the crisis: Perfect. A press conference: Great.

Search is so much more than CPC and a monetizing scheme.

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