Friday, April 27, 2007

Information vs. Entertainment

You can explain the DSG Gearbox with diagrams, product demos, technical mambo jambo. Or, you can come up with a creative execution that says more than any product information. People don't buy for rational reasons. It's all about emotions and how to connect with consumers.


Marcus said...

Hey Uwe,
Always appreciate your insight. I wonder if the success of this ad is more about simplicity. I think many people buy because the product achives some sort of rational as well as an emotional connection, even if in cases where the story may be untrue.

Uwe Hook said...

agreed. The ad speaks to two reason to purchase a car: The emotional connection that gets you into the showroom and brand site. And the rational reasons to support your emotional connection. Since cars have become more and more complicated and technologically advanced, we need to make sure to communicate the emotional reasons as simple and engaging as possible.

Bill said...

I think a great examples of this are the OnStar commercials. These are very emotionally compelling with simple audio dubbed over simple text on a black background