Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Yes, it's time the for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, the Easter walk (must be the German in me) and an afternoon watching the Masters.
All of that is an important part of my life but there's another, more important story that will start to unfold tonight: The final season of "The Sopranos".

To honor the last season of HBO's "The Sopranos," comes this fan-created montage of the show's previous seven seasons.

Paul Gulyas and Joe Sabia from Los Angeles distilled 77 prior episodes into a manic and hilarious 7-minute video and uploaded it to YouTube. It's a spectacular example of citizen marketing from non-marketers who have a special sense of humor.

The New York Times gave the montage a very positive review and even Sopranos' creator David Chase gave his blessings.
A good opportunity to catch up on the Sopranos and enjoy the first of the last shows tonight.


Jackie Huba said...
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Jackie Huba said...

It is a good Sopranos montage, isnt' it?

The Noosance said...

Wow. I need a shower now.