Saturday, April 14, 2007

You say you want a revolution

When brands are just nicely wrapped sales enzymes, as many are, they often just become another nice package that screams "I'm beautiful inside."

Life beyond the package
Quite a few brands get the packaging right, become cold icons and then go into retirement. And soon after generic brands compete with and pass them by without any effort.

When you build brands, you have to look beyond the packaging. Brands own an endless space. In this endless space we try to connect with customers in new and surprising ways. Yes, the packaging is important, but it's just a small part of the brand. The main focus is to find out where the brands directs the consumer in this infinite space.

A real brand causes a revolution.
A brand is part of a bigger idea. And you need the consumers to advance your brand. They need a mission, a vision, oppportunities to connect and some direction. They don't need anything else from you. They just want you to be the leader. Not the manager. And definitely not the micro-manager.
When you build a brand, your ultimate goal should be to lead a revolution. A change, an emotion, an idea that connects and expresses the consumer through your brand. The consumer energy drives the revolution and brand forward.

The revolution wins.
Leading a revolution should be your ultimate goal. Real brands care about the packaging. But they are passionate about how to revolutionize products. Markets. And, ultimately, the world.

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