Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reach vs Connect

Advertising clutter has become a real problem. For consumers and advertisers. Everbody wants to break through the clutter, connect with the consumer and stand out. Many try to do this by utilizing new communication channels: OOH has become real hip because it's fairly easy to stand out and consumers don't seem to mind as much. Mobile seems to be on the rise and many marketers are licking their chops because they have found another channel they can clog up with their messages.

This doesn't lead us anywhere. Shouldn't we be less focused on channel selection and obsessed with creating content that's interesting and adds some value? Nothing against the 360 degree communication model. But isn't it more important to create engaging, valuable, entertaining messages that consumers want to connect with?

We need to focus on the content first. What content resonates with our target audience? Once we have created engaging and entertaining content, we should focus on delivering this content through relevant and resonant communication channels. That's the real 360.

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