Monday, April 23, 2007

When will they get it?

Are we residing in an ivory tower? Are we so removed from reality that we don't really know how to implement our 2.0 vision? And execute it?

Most people that read my blog understand the importance of conversational marketing, the necessity to listen to the consumer and revise all existing marketing strategies.
But most brand executives don't read blogs. They think kids and nerds read blogs. They don't believe in Social Networking. They think teens and weirdos are on MySpace. They are in their 40's and when we talk to them about the importance of conversational marketing, they just answer "That's all nice and dandy but I need to sell products."

I can show them research, case studies, white papers - the whole enchilada. But what they say is: 'Get me on as many homepages as possible.' Back to the old distribution model.

Sure, we don't have to fight Online ROI fight anymore. But most brand managers are stuck in 2001-2002 and they are scared to move along. Corporations tend to reward mediocrity and that worked for many decades. But, as we all know, mediocrity will lead to bankruptcy or a brand on life support.

I realize there's a tidal wave of blogs, articles and columns about the changing marketing landscape. But where are the real-life implementations? Where are conversational web pages? Brands still think they know what consumers want and how they want it.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not doubting the change that's happening right now. And I don't doubt that only brands that adjust to the age of conversation will survive and prosper.

I'm just worried about some brands who are not even close to making a change. They will be left behind. And I will miss them.

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