Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Consumer 2.0

We're done. We’re not gonna take it...anymore. In the beginning of the Internet, we educated ourselves: we compared, we shopped, we reviewed. And we were ready to deal with the sales people. Now we don't need to educate ourselves, we're always on, always connected, can immediately confirm details and find better offers.

And what happened is just stunning. Consumer not only have immediate access to information but the Consumer 2.0 has finally found a voice that can be heard by millions. And you can't stop them.

Here's a video about Comcast. It says more about Comcast than any flashy advertising can do. Their technician has to wait on hold for an hour and falls asleep. Do I need to know more about Comcast? Not really.

Suddenly, the customer experience is more important than any other brand experiences and Consumer 2.0 will find ways to make his point. PR agencies need to be ready for Consumer 2.0. Because the consumer is ready for them.

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