Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Media Planning 2.0

Currently, most companies have either one of two approaches to develop a media plan:

1. Focus on yourself.
Companies that create new advertising plans based on previous advertising plans alone are self-referential. They create their own reality and are limited to their own view. In the end, companies like that always believe they are right.

2. Focus on others.
You focus on the others. Companies like that always believe the others are right. And they are always wrong.

And, this is the only acceptable approach:

3. Focus on consumers.
Consumers are the ones that accept or, hopefully not, reject products. We should focus on them when we are creating media plans. What problems is the specific product solving? And where are the consumers looking for answers to solve their problem? How about connecting with them in these places? Look closer at these opportunities and you will not copy last year's plan or your competitors'.
And you have a chance to finally connect with the most important person of your business.

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Lena said...

media planning is the most important aspect of adversing. With a substantial amount of marketing budget going into myriad channels like social media, it has become important to do comprehensive research.