Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flash Forward

Interesting article in the LA Times about Eric Jordan and his company 2advanced.com.

My favorite quote:

"So here we stand, all of us, travelers at the water's edge. And that little rowboat is asking the question: Are we ready to embrace the vast and complicated metropolis that technology offers us?

It's way beyond Web design now. Way beyond a single program or person. As you read this, millions of people are uploading their dreams, thoughts, desires, fears, visions, memories and prayers into the virtual stratosphere. Entire cities—New York, San Francisco, Tokyo—are going wireless. Hand-held devices no longer distinguish among the singular functionality of "phone," "camera," "e-mail" or "browser." They are simply "connected." And one of these days, sooner than you think, you're going to look down into the all-in-one monitor of that hand-held connection platform and find it looking back.

Eric Jordan can't wait."

And, if you're into electronic music, like I am, download a few of his mixes at neverrain.com. Very trancy but no glowsticks required.