Thursday, May 17, 2007

Value of Mentoring

Great article about Workplace Mentoring found on Knowledge @ Wharton.

Clearly, with diminishing loyalty and commitment on both sides of the fence some companies might believe that mentorship has become less important.
The article (and I agree completely) makes the point that a caring managerial model has become more and more important since companies have to continue developing talent and build alliances outside of the typical networks.

I always believed that managers are the best mentors. They know the business (hopefully...), your strengths and weaknesses, your overall make-up. Good managers also have a vested interest in developing their employees. Yes, I said, good managers. Bad managers are the worst mentors because they introduce employees to ineffective management styles, are bad role models and don't provide interesting, challenging assignments.

That means: Choose your mentor wisely. And, if you're stuck with a bad one, ditch him. There are many people out that cherish being a mentor.

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