Monday, May 28, 2007

Creativity and design

We all heard the dreaded phrase of "thinking outside of the box". It reminds me of agencies of the 80's with crazy creatives, rollerblading AE's and endless all-nighters.
Instead, we need to make connections across boxes. We have to understand patterns across all accessible data and synthesize those insights into describing a viable strategic position.

At this point of the game, I'm intrigued how the design approach can help develop business plans for new ventures. What is the design approach? You look for insights, try to develop a prototype and continue with endless optimism. This is a perfect entrepreneurial approach.

And that's where creativity is desperately needed. Any MBA class will tell you that cash is king. No matter if you're a small or big organization. But cash doesn't make you a winner. Ask all these companies that were sitting on a pile of cash and disappeared. You would think that Google and Microsoft will win the online innovation game.

Fortunately, creativity is so much more important than any cash when it comes to making strategies work. If you want get things done, you need the right creative mindset, positive attitude and mentorship.

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