Monday, May 7, 2007

Lying stock photos

I needed customer service from a technology company a few weeks ago and found the phone number in the support section of the site. The page featured a very good looking woman, pleasant smile, perfect teeth, $2,000 dress.

I'm pretty sure the guy with a thick Indian accent wasn't her. Very nice, very helpful, very professional. But definitely not her.

Is this false advertising? Where's the friendly looking person you featured on the website?

Another lie, I'm afraid.

Did I expect the beautiful woman to deal with customer issues for 9-hours a day using a pad and a laptop?

Do we want to be lied to? Do we really want to see the sea of cubicles, walls filled with phone scripts and poor customer service agents dealing with irate people?

I would argue that there is a good medium between reality and complete lies. Take a few pictures of actual employees. Sure, hide the full reality of their cubicle world. But feature real people. Your employees deserve that confidence boost. At least you're not hiding behind a beautiful stock photo.

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