Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PR and advertising agencies

Advertising agencies are not fond of PR agencies and vice versa. Especially in this changing marketing landscape, both are starting to compete even more for the same piece of the pie.

I jsut stumbled upon Richard Edelmans's Game On blog post. Here are a few excerpts:

“The advertising industry is facing a stark new reality. The traditional business of buying time and space in mainstream media is not a growth proposition.”

He believes advertising can't move the market alone.

“The response from ad agencies is to develop their ancillary businesses, from direct marketing to interactive to public relations. The agencies have changed their names, boasted about their truly integrated campaigns, and even hired chief marketing officers who are tasked with persuading clients to undertake viral or other non-media based projects.”

Clearly, not only advertising agencies are facing stark new realities. A few years ago, neither PR nor advertising agencies were remotely prepared for the digital age. Now they're getting ready.

Traditional is not on the way out but it's losing its power and new, innovative ways of connection with customers will become even more important.

The innovative will survive. Based on traditional advertising and PR practices, innovative agencies will found ways to engage in, yet, unknown ways.

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